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The 2024 Soninkara College Scholarship 

The Soninkara College Scholarship was established to encourage and support the Soninke youth in their pursuit of higher education and alleviate the financial burden of college expenses.

The scholarship is available to full-time Soninke students who will be attending an accredited college in the fall semester, regardless of their location in the United States. Applicants are required to provide their fall semester schedule, unofficial transcript and proof of hardship to be considered for the scholarship.

The scholarship application will be open during the summer for the Fall Semester, and we are excited to announce that the scholarship amount and the number of recipients will be determined based on the generous donations received from our donors. Further information about the scholarship will be made available once the donations have been received.


To Be Announced

Awards Available

based on Scholarship funds received from donors


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

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Why your Donation Matters

Growing up in a Soninkara household meant taking on the responsibility of being parents' means of communication with the outside world. You were tasked with reading mail, completing forms, and conducting other important tasks, as your parents lacked formal education. Unfortunately, this also meant that you didn't have the support of your parents in your academic journey. Homework help was not available, and explaining your educational milestones was difficult, especially if your career goals didn't fit traditional cultural norms.


It's time to break the cycle and empower the Soninke youth to pursue higher education! Our scholarship aims to increase the college graduation rate and create a generation where education is a priority. By supporting students beyond high school, we can provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. Every graduate is breaking a generational norm, taking a step towards a brighter future.

Join us in making a difference by donating to the Soninkara College Scholarship.

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Scholarship Recipients
White Background


Teenager smiling with a hijab on

Kennesaw State University

Political Science & International Affairs

Mariama Tunkara is a first-generation Soninke student at Kennesaw State University with a major in international affairs. She wants to work in the field of immigration after finishing her undergraduate. Mariam is currently an active member of the KSU Model African Union, KSU Muslim Student Association, and KSU African Student Association. In recognition of maintaining a 4.0 GPA, she was placed on the Kennesaw State's Fall President List. Mariam intends to leave Kennesaw state early due to her dual enrollment credits.

Mariam Tunkara

Teenager smiling with a hijab on

Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Hawa Dukureh is a freshman in college taking 16 credit hours per semester. Although she is majoring in nursing, she plans to minor in business so that it can prepare her to become an entrepreneur in the future. Her dream place of employment is Emory Hospital. Hawa loves to cook, draw and make a poster in her free time.

Hawa Dukureh

In 2023, a scholarship program was initiated to provide financial assistance to Soninke students pursuing higher education. The program offered $250 to each recipient, which could be used to cover various college expenses and ease the financial burden on students. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants had to provide their unofficial transcript and a schedule of their spring 2023 classes. Additionally, only full-time Soninke students enrolled in accredited colleges were considered for the scholarship. The application deadline was January 15, 2023, and the scholarship recipients were announced on January 23, 2023. The scholarship award was paid to the recipients on January 25, 2023.

Award Ceremony Recap

Mariam & Hawa
Scholarship Recipient cake
Food Table
Mariam Tunkara
Hawa Dukureh



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