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Mission Statement

“Dedicated to providing fast and affordable tax & accounting services to individuals and small businesses. We believe in assisting our clients to file their return without any fear of facing any hurdle when our services are used”

About Owner

  Yuma Danso is a talented young businesswoman who strives to make a difference in her community. Born in Georgia, but raised in West Africa, Gambia, Yuma has lived her whole life believing that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.


  In 2022, she graduated from Clayton State University and received her Master of Business Administration, in Accounting. Her ultimate goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) so that she can turn her small business into a small firm that helps companies beyond just tax preparation.

Tax Preparation

 Yuma started Yuma Tax Services LLC in 2018 with one purpose, to educate, help and make filing returns easy and affordable for individuals and small businesses. We believe that clients should understand what is being reported on their return so we make it our job to educate every client on tax laws. We are available all year long for our clients to answer any questions they may have. We strive to provide great customer service while charging fees that are guaranteed to not hurt your bank.

We assist in the preparation of individual returns and small businesses such as sole proprietorships/LLCs.

Immigration Assistance

In 2020, Yuma became a licensed immigration assistant provider in the state of Georgia. This service was added to help her community and individuals who are not able to afford a lawyer or an attorney. We can all attest to how expensive lawyer and attorney fees can get. 

We are not an attorney or lawyers and thus cannot advise on certain immigration matters. We help clients when it comes to filing USCIS-required forms and ensuring the required supplemental forms and documents are attached to an application. Please visit our pricing page for a summary of what forms we can assist you with.

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